Delta Platform participates in multi-layer safety in Dordrecht

The dike in Dordrecht needs to be reinforced. But this is going to be far-reaching and expensive. Can the inhabitants also be protected by multi-layer safety: a combination of dike reinforcement (prevention, layer 1), planning (layer 2) and disaster management (layer 3)? A partnership led by the Municipality of Dordrecht and the Water Board Hollandse Delta are researching this in the Research MLV Dordrecht. The Delta Platform contributes in the form of demand articulation and knowledge clustering among research universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and market parties.

Multi-layer safety: how are we going to do that?

A previous study has shown that there are opportunities to better connect water and spatial planning.
•  But which combinations are smart?
•  How do we create support among the population concerning evacuation?
•  How do we organise the administrative and legal aspects; governance?

New risk approach sheds light on multi-layer security

Multi-layer safety has come into being because of a new water safety policy. In 2017, the Netherlands are going to have new safety standards for dikes, based on risk approach. In this, the level of protection is related to the probability of flooding and its consequences. Where preventive measures are very costly or socially far-reaching – such as in Dordrecht - measures in spatial planning or disaster management can also be implemented.
The Delta Platform contributes to the decision making on the feasibility of the MLV variant for Dordrecht. That decision could be an alternative to the current standard proposal of 2017, which is based on the prevention by means of dikes.

Explore the question fully and form knowledge clusters

The Delta Platform organises workshops to explore these questions integrally and to explain the different perspectives. The first workshop took place in January 2015. Subsequently, knowledge clusters were formed from experts in civil engineering, ecology, governance, spatial planning, disaster management, economy and sociology. This way, the Delta Platform facilitates the search for clever combinations.

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