Delta platform

Educate the delta professional of tomorrow

The Delta Platform was founded to ensure a solid education for the delta professionals of tomorrow. The platform connects clients with complex delta issues with experts from universities of applied schiences, research universities, research institutes, companies and governmental bodies. By means of an integrated approach new insights and knowledge are created, which will be integrated directly into the education of our future delta professionals. The Delta Platform is a catalyst for international delta innovations and a living lab for researchers, lecturers and students.

Why delta professionals?

Deltas are attractive areas to live, but are also subject to threats. Climate change results in rising sea levels, dropping land levels with an increasing risk of flooding. Through an integral approach of the challenges in delta areas, from different angles, innovative and multidisciplinary solutions come into being. Thus, a proper balance between safety, the economy and ecology is created. And to address complex challenges, versatile delta professionals are needed!

Co-creation of delta expertise

The Delta Platform allows for the education of versatile delta professionals.
Next to that, the platform contributes to:
•  a well-filled order and knowledge portfolio for companies and research institutes;
•  a network database of experts in delta technology;
•  stimulation of knowledge development and delta innovation;
•  sustainable solutions for safe and liveable deltas;
•  strengthening of the international position of the Netherlands on knowledge of delta technology.

How does the Delta Platform work?

Read here: how does the delta platform work. Or get some more information on the Delta Platforms approach of education in delta expertise through these three delta cases:
•  Delta Case fresh-salt transitions Volkerak-Zoommeer
•  Delta Case tidal energy Flakkeese Spuisluis
•  Delta Case multilayered safety Dordrecht

Connection to the Top Sector Water

The Delta Platform has been developed by the Centre of Expertise Delta Technology (CoE DT). The platform is connected to the Human Capital Agenda of the Top Sector Water, which aims to ensure the availability of sufficient and well-trained delta professionals.

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