Rotterdam is showing ambition by striving to have its city center delivered emission-free by 2020. Rotterdam faces major challenges in the field of air quality. Cleaner air for Rotterdammers is one of the spearheads of the current mayor and aldermen. It is important to tackle this together with the market.

With TNO as a knowledge partner, the municipality of Rotterdam and a number of frontrunners of the current Ecostars program have come to the table to establish a shared ambition. This resulted in the so-called "Green Deal 010 Zero Emission City Logistics", which was signed on Tuesday 7 October 2014 during the Ecomobielbeurs by the municipality of Rotterdam and the directors of the front runners. The goal of the Green Deal 010 ZES is to improve the quality of life and health of the people of Rotterdam by improving air quality.

This goal is achieved by more clean vehicles and by organizing fewer kilometers. The measures in the Green Deal 010 ZES are divided into three tracks:

  • clean (er) charging and vehicle technology
  • more efficient logistics solutions
  • improve driver behavior.

(Source: Green Deal)